CD All That Matters

Recreating, that is offering resistance.
Offering resistance, that is recreating.
Stéphane Hessel


songlines traveling contemporary sound art*

newhearlandrecords / ALL THAT MATTERS, this album is a remarkable piece of sound art and dedicated contemporary witness of our times, composed and produced by vocal and performance artist Rena Meyer Wiel. An audiobook interweaving field recordings, songs, lyrics, quotes and resonances to historical events, past as well as contemporary, with a general reflectiveness layered into compositions of collaged music becoming an own and personal language of reflectiveness. To the artist, this „contemporary sound art biotope“ represents a process of finding language for contexts of speechlessness.

All in all, the very diversity of collaged pieces leave a consolatory mark although not hiding away the eyes from the irresolvable questions facing us in the world. With the album ALL THAT MATTERS, Rena Meyer Wiel succeeds in combining contemporary sound art, the art of song, a reflective approach to present challenges and the listening to a multiply threatened world. Her sound thoughts concerning humankind carry a passionate vision for an integrated and healing perspective.



  1. All That Matters (6:42)
  2. Fire, Read My Book (6:29)
  3. Da, wo der Mensch steht (6:59)
  4. Theologische Realenzyklopädie (0:58)
  5. Vom Paradies (2:08)
  6. Beyond Borders 2016 (7:04)
  7. Regen Regen (4:32)
  8. Falls sich die Dinge immer wiederholen (0:44)
  9. What Is Deeper – The Ocean Or Hope (7:09)
  10. Arctic Lament (7:37)
  11. Spiegel Epilog (3:40)

Total: 54:15

album cover All That Matters

CD  12,- + shipping

Available via newhearland records and Rena Meyer Wiel,
since september 2017 also for order via Amazon and jpc.

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