White Canvas

There are hundreds of ways to kneel down and kiss the ground.
Mevlana Dschelaladdin Rumi

WHITE CANVAS – a project in duo and quartet – connecting archaic and modern sounds, songs and improvisation

WHITE CANVAS sounds many worlds, interculturally aswell as in the combination of individual musicians with different backgrounds.
Various videos and sounds of WHITE CANVAS productions can be visited on: www.white-canvas.de.

  • VIDEO White Canvas in concert, Theater im Ballsaal, Bonn, Germany
  • DUO: Rena Meyer Wiel_voice and live electronics / Rolf Beydemüller_guitars, soundscapes, loops and more
  • QUARTET: Rena Meyer Wiel_voice / Rolf Beydemüller_guitars / Christoph Selbach_piano / Christoph Schumacher_percussion

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